101 Ways to Nurture Yourself

101 Ways to Nurture Yourself


101 Ways to Nurture Yourself with Christine Mabon

Saturday, JULY 13th

1:00-2:00pm (Free)

Some of us know how to nurture others, but forget the most important person: OURSELVES.

We owe ourselves the same love and care that we give to family and friends. 101 Ways to Nurture Yourself, we find ways to love ourselves more by nurturing body, mind and spirit.

In this presentation, Chris discusses some of the 101 ways found in her book, 

101 Ways to Nurture Yourself. 

Following the sudden death of her husband, Chris was embraced and comforted by a large number of friends, neighbors and members of the community who showed their love and support by bringing food, words of comfort and helpful hands to her and her sons. She believes these relationships enabled her to heal and move forward, as with each gift of support, a new relationship was formed or an existing one deepened. In addition to the food, these relationships brought her insights to characteristics she needed to develop or expand. Because of her experience, she wants to share the vital lesson she learned: Good friends can renew, restore and revitalize your life.  

Chris shares her messages of friendship with a wide variety of audiences, including social and professional organizations, libraries, churches and schools.