Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past

Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past


Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past

The Influence and Prophecy of the Sun’s Sister Star, Nemesis.

Thursday July 11 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Book Signing PARTY/ LECTURE - Free

Join Doug Ettinger in his second book release  Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past.  

Nemesis is the Sun’s evil sister star that keeps returning to wreak havoc on the Sun’s planets including Earth and its life forms. Traditions about its existence are corroborated with scientific testimony. This orbiting brown dwarf star with its own planets is predicted to return every 3600 years. The dim, cool star is currently far enough away preventing detection by modern astronomy. The premise is that mankind had extremely advanced knowledge and technology which was wiped out during a great global flood caused by Nemesis. The catastrophe left behind only shattered memories of a Golden Age that was converted to myth and ancient traditions.  Should we still regard this mysterious Nemesis and its return once again? This book may answer that question for you.

The subject matter is about the hot topics of Climate Change, Melting Ice Sheets, and Sea Level Rise. Doug will discuss and invite dialogue about past and pending global catastrophes and about his new book:  Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past.   The following topics will be discussed:

  • Reasons for periodic global catastrophes and mass extinctions.
  • Solutions to recently discovered solar system anomalies.
  • Why periods of glaciation, pole shift, and climate change occur.
  • Prophecy of the Sun’s sister star, Nemesis, and its orbital cycle.
  • NASA’s difficulties and failure to find Nemesis, the marauding brown dwarf star.
  • The connection of high energy electrical events that occurred on Earth and Mars.

    Snacks will be provided and anyone interested in a book signing, bring your book about the Mankind’s Chaotic and Mysterious Past which can be purchased at  The eBook link for your Kindle device is