Moving Meditation + Sound Bath

Moving Meditation + Sound Bath


*To ensure the class, please reserve your spot. If no spots are reserved the day of the class, the class will be canceled.

This class meets Saturdays from 8:30-9:30 am & select Friday evenings from 7-8pm

Wear loose comfortable clothing.

Instructor: Kelly

This class is especially designed as a means of active meditation.  It is ideal for those that seek an alternative to seated meditation and like world music. Movement meditation assists to calm the nerves and connect to a deeper understanding of energy patterns running in and around the body. 

Conceptualized and Created by Kelly, Spirit Dance explores the integrative movements of Qigong (a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to Tai Chi), moving to world music and sound bath healing with Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls. Qigong uses principles of Yin and Yang movement & breath to raise body awareness. World music is incorporated to assist the participant to go deeper into the movement.  Sound Healing works deeply with resonance allowing the frequency to do the work sidestepping our active thoughts.  Sound baths transcends words. Vibrations are created to welcome deep states of relaxation to the entire body.

“Dance gives me space to be all of me. Life is Dance and I dance to explore, to expand, to untangle, to connect, to be healed and inspired, and ultimately, I dance to be peaceful.”

Areeradh K Tri-siddha

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